Who appears in the most Carry On films?

Who appears in the most Carry On films?

Regular cast

  • Kenneth Williams (1926–1988) (25 films, and co-presenting That’s Carry On!)
  • Joan Sims (1930–2001) (24) had the longest uninterrupted run of roles in Carry On films, being in all 20 films (excluding That’s Carry On) from Carry On Cleo to Carry On Emmannuelle.

What was the cast in Carry On?

Carry On Films

  • Kenneth Connor. 1918-1993. Radio and television comedian.
  • Jim Dale. 1935- Singer and actor.
  • Charles Hawtrey. 1914-1988. Actor.
  • Frankie Howerd. 1922-1992. Comedian.
  • Sid James. 1913-1976. Actor.
  • Bob Monkhouse. 1928-2003. Entertainer.
  • Leslie Samuel Phillips. 1924- Actor, director and producer.
  • Ted Ray. 1906-1977. Comedian.

Is anyone from the Carry On films still alive?

Many of the famous regular cast have now passed away, with Dame Barbara Windsor dying at the age of 83. Her death has left means that there is just one of the regular cast members still alive 62 years after the series started. The final surviving regular actor who had a lead role in the films is Jim Dale.

Why was Charles Hawtrey dropped from Carry On?

Hoping to gain higher billing, Hawtrey withdrew from a television programme, Carry On Christmas, in which he was scheduled to appear, giving just a few days’ notice. Peter Rogers, the producer of the “Carry On” films and shows, said “He became rather difficult and impossible to deal with because he was drinking a lot.

Was Sylvia Syms in any Carry On films?

Before I start, I know the lovely actress Sylvia Syms never actually appeared in a Carry On film, but she came very close to it, appearing alongside the likes of Sid James, Joan Sims and Jim Dale in the 1965 comedy The Big Job.

How tall is Bernard Bresslaw?

6′ 7″Bernard Bresslaw / Height

Was Carry On Admiral a Carry On film?

Carry on Admiral (released in the United States as The Ship Was Loaded) is a 1957 British comedy film directed by Val Guest and featuring David Tomlinson and Ronald Shiner; Joan Sims, who later became prominent in the Carry On series, has a small part.

Who said Ding dong in Carry On films?

Leslie Phillips CBE
He achieved prominence in the 1950s, often playing smooth, upper-class comic roles utilising his “Ding Dong” and “He-llo” catchphrases. He appeared in the Carry On and Doctor in the House film series as well as the long-running BBC radio comedy series The Navy Lark….Leslie Phillips.

Leslie Phillips CBE
Children 4

What did Liz Fraser died of?

September 6, 2018Liz Fraser / Date of death

Did Sid James and Kenneth Williams get along?

It is well documented that Kenneth had a somewhat fraught relationship with Sid James. They were too very different men and perhaps that led to a clash of personalities. Many of their encounters are somewhat waspishly recorded in Kenneth’s diaries and a lot of these can be taken with a huge pinch of salt.

Who did Hattie Jacques married?

John Le MesurierHattie Jacques / Spouse (m. 1949–1965)

Is Ice Cold in Alex a true story?

Based on a slight, real-life anecdote, pic [from Christopher Landon’s novel] is the story of a handful of people who drive an ambulance through the mine-ridden, enemy-occupied desert after the collapse of Tobruk in 1942.