Who does Ren date in Even Stevens?

Renee “Ren” Stevens is the middle child of the Stevens family.

Who does Ren date in Even Stevens?

Bobby Deaver
Bobby Deaver (Brandon Davis) – Ren’s middle-school boyfriend; he appeared in seven episodes.

What is Ren short for Even Stevens?

Renee “Ren” Stevens is the middle child of the Stevens family.

Do tawny and Louis get together?

Louis desperately tries to retrive his tape from Jennifer’s house before she sees it. But, he accidently takes Jennifer’s tape to him instead. In the end they both watch the tapes, & discover that they truly love each other and finally feel ready for a serious relationship.

How old was Ren Stevens in Even Stevens?

Soon after, she got the news every child star hopes for: She had landed the leading role in a Disney Channel series, Even Stevens. Romano, at 16, would be playing Ren Stevens, a popular and high-achieving eighth-grader who deals with hijinks from her younger, goofy brother Louis, played by a then-unknown Shia LaBeouf.

Who is the dad from Even Stevens?

Thomas Edwin Virtue Jr. (born November 19, 1957) is an American actor. He is known for his roles in the television series Even Stevens (2000–2003) and The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008–2013).

How old was Ren in Even Stevens?

How much is beans from Even Stevens worth?

Steven Anthony Lawrence Net Worth: Steven Anthony Lawrence is an American actor who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Steven Anthony Lawrence was born in Fresno, California in July 1990. He is best known for playing Bernard “Beans” Aranguren on the television series Even Stevens.

How did even stevens end?

The movie ends with The Twitty Stevens Connection singing “Dream Vacation.” The film was released directly to VHS and DVD with a TV premiere on the Disney Channel on June 13, 2003, serving as the series finale.

What happened to tawny from Even Stevens?

Margo Harshman played Tawny for over 40 episodes, as well as “The Even Stevens Movie.” Her performance as Tawny even nabbed her two Young Artist Awards nominations. At the end of her run as Tawny, she landed a starring role in The WB sitcom “Run of the House,” but that show was cancelled after its first season.

Why was it called Even Stevens?

Production. The show was originally produced as a show called “Spivey’s Kid Brother”. A pilot was filmed in July 1999, and was later picked up by Disney Channel as “Even Stevens”. In the pilot episode, Disney had to dub out the name “Spivey” to “Stevens”.

Is Christy Carlson Romano rich?

Christy Carlson Romano Debunks Her $3 Million Net Worth, Explains ‘How I Blew All My Disney Money’ Christy Carlson Romano is no stranger to being a role model for kids after starting her career on the Disney Channel.