Who finished on top of the FA Premier League in the 2008/09 season?

Who won the 2009/10 Premier League season?

Who finished on top of the FA Premier League in the 2008/09 season?

Manchester United
Manchester United clinched the 2009 Premier League title with a scoreless draw against Arsenal on 16 May 2009, their 11th Premier League title, and 18th League title overall, drawing level with fierce rivals Liverpool who finished as runners-up….2008–09 Premier League.

Season 2008–09
Average attendance 35,650
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Who won the 2009/10 Premier League season?

2009–10 Premier League

Season 2009–10
Champions Chelsea 3rd Premier League title 4th English title
Relegated Burnley Hull City Portsmouth
Champions League Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal Tottenham Hotspur
Europa League Manchester City Aston Villa Liverpool

Which football team won the Premier League in 2008?

On 11 May 2008, the final day of the season, Manchester United beat Wigan Athletic 2–0 while Chelsea drew 1–1 with Bolton Wanderers, thus crowning Manchester United with their tenth Premier League title, and 17th championship overall, just one behind Liverpool’s total of 18.

What was the best Premier League season ever?

2011–12 season
The 2011–12 season was awarded the Best Season after the title race reached the final few seconds of the final match of the season and won by a goal difference for the first time in the Premier League history.

Did Tottenham ever won the Premier League?

Despite being a Premier League ever-present, Tottenham Hotspur have never won the league title since the league’s reform. Their last league success came in the 1960/61 old First Division season, where Spurs edged Sheffield Wednesday to the title.

Who won the Premier League 2010 11?

Dimitar Berbatov bagged 20 goals as Manchester United claimed their 12th Premier League title.

How many trophies Man Utd won in 2008?

seven trophies
United’s title triumph of 2008/09 was achieved despite a slow start to the campaign and the rigours of fighting for seven trophies (the Club World Cup, Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Super Cup and Community Shield).

Who won the Premier League in 2007 2008?

Manchester United F.C.2007–08 Premier League / Champion

Who scored 5 goals in one Premier League?

It’s 11 years to the day since Dimitar Berbatov lit up Old Trafford with a five-goal haul as Manchester United hammered Blackburn 7-1 in the Premier League. Ever the laid-back customer, the Bulgarian striker didn’t react to his haul of strikes on 27 November 2011 as though it was anything out of the ordinary.

What was the Premier League called in 2008?

The 2008–09 Premier League (known as the Barclays Premier League for sponsorship reasons) was the 17th season since the establishment of the Premier League in 1992.

What is the Premier League results table?

Premier League results table for all matches played home and away for the entire season plus final league table for the season.

Who won the Premier League Player of the Season award in 2009?

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Who secured European football for the 2009–10 Premier League season?

Aston Villa, Everton and Fulham all secured European football for the 2009–10 season through their league position. Twenty teams competed in the league – the top seventeen teams from the previous season and the three teams promoted from the Championship.