Who had the best frog splash?

10 Best Frog Splashes In Wrestling History, Ranked

Who had the best frog splash?

10 Best Frog Splashes In Wrestling History, Ranked

  1. 1 Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero deserves the top spot of the frog splash Mount Rushmore due to the grace, execution and impact.
  2. 2 Rob Van Dam.
  3. 3 D’Lo Brown.
  4. 4 Hiroshi Tanahashi.
  5. 5 Seth Rollins.
  6. 6 Christian.
  7. 7 Kevin Owens.
  8. 8 Art Barr.

What wrestler used the frog splash?

Famer Eddie Guerrero
WWE. Who invented the Frog Splash? The Frog Splash is synonymous with WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero, but Latino Heat didn’t create the move.

What does Five Star frog Splash mean?

There is a high-angle turning variation named the Five-Star Frog Splash where the opponent is not placed perpendicular to the corner. Instead, the attacker turns mid-air to land on the opponent in the splash position, regardless of which direction the opponent is lying in.

Is Eddie Guerrero dead?

Minneapolis Marriott City Center, Minneapolis, MNEddie Guerrero / Place of deathThe Minneapolis Marriott City Center is a 379-ft tall skyscraper in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Completed in 1983 as the Amfac Hotel Minneapolis City Center, it has 32 floors. Wikipedia

Who invented five star frog splash?

The frog-splash was created by second generation Mexican pro-wrestler La Fiera in the early 1980s.

Why do frogs wrestle?

Part of the Frogs: A Chorus of Colors exhibition. When a male golden mantella frog is ready to breed, he makes a chirping call to entice the female. If another male follows with his own call, the two suitors often begin a wrestling match, each frog trying to flip the other onto its back.

Is Eddie Guerrero Dominic’s father?

He had his first storyline in the summer of 2005 as part of a storyline between his father and Eddie Guerrero, in which the two rivals fought for custody of him. During the storyline, Guerrero stated that he was Dominik’s biological father.

Were Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero friends?

At the end of this event, Guerrero celebrated in the ring with longtime friend Chris Benoit, who had just won the World Heavyweight Championship.

What was Eddie Guerreros finisher?

Superfly Splash/Five Star Frog Splash/Frog Splash In fact, the late great Eddie Guerrero is perhaps the greatest user of the diving splash.

What is a 450 splash?

The 450 Splash is a professional wrestling move. With his opponent on his chest or back in ring, the attacking wrestler climbs to the top rope and, facing forward, somersaults off the top turnbuckle spinning 450 degrees in the air before landing on his opponent in splash position.