Who is mascon?

Who is mascon?

Mascon Inc. has been providing strategic souring throughout a broad range of industries for more than 30 years – specializing in machining, casting, molding, assembly and subassembly work. Dr. James Chen founded Mascon over 30 years ago with a vision to facilitate cross-border trade between United States and Asia.

Why choose mascon for logistics?

Mascon’s logistics team stays on top of every production order, and ensure that it reaches our customers exactly when they want it. Logistics Mascon has deep experience in a variety of specialty manufacturing techniques.

How do I contact mascon?

Mascon Headquarters. Telephone: 781.938.5800. Fax: 781.932.4900. Email: [email protected].

Why choose mascon as your ITT Enidine partner?

“Mascon has been a true partner with ITT Enidine and I would recommend them to anyone who wants or needs to source in China.” Mascon relieves the headache for buyers by being a one-stop shop for creating a customized solution to meet your needs.