Who is Ronald Moore?

Who is Ronald Moore?

Ronald Dowl Moore (born July 5, 1964) is an American screenwriter and television producer….

Ronald D. Moore
Occupation Screenwriter, television producer
Alma mater Cornell University
Genre Drama, science fiction
Notable works Star Trek: TNG Star Trek: DS9 Battlestar Galactica Outlander For All Mankind

How old is Ronald D Moore?

57 years (July 5, 1964)Ronald D. Moore / Age

Is Ronald D Moore married?

Terry DresbachRonald D. Moore / Spouse (m. 2004)

Is Ronald D Moore Mormon?

Are you religious? Moore: I’m a recovering Catholic. At one point I looked into various Eastern religions, and now I’ve settled into a sort of agnosticism. But I always felt it was something noticeably missing from the Star Trek universe.

Is rondale Moore injured?

Share All sharing options for: How to handle Rondale Moore injury in the 2022 NFL Playoffs. Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rondale Moore has been dealing with an ankle injury and was on the injury report in the days leading up to Monday’s Wild Card game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Is Ronald D Moore still producing Outlander?

Is Ron Moore still involved with Outlander? Moore remains an executive producer on Outlander and For All Mankind as he makes moves on big new projects, according to The Hollywood Reporter. As many Outlander fans might be aware if they watched the making-of features on recent episodes, Matthew B.

Why did Ron Moore leave Outlander?

Sony TV, sources say, was among those who pursued a new deal with Moore. The independent studio, for whom Moore has delivered both Starz’s Outlander and Apple’s For All Mankind, offered a more lucrative deal but Moore ultimately opted to sign with 20th TV and pursue a his longtime passion for Disney.

Is Rondale Moore active today?

Moore (ankle) is active for Monday’s wild-card contest against the Rams, Darren Urban of the Cardinals’ official site reports.

Is Rondale Moore against Rams?

The Arizona Cardinals announced Week 18 inactives and Rondale Moore is officially ACTIVE for their matchup against the Los Angeles Rams.

Who is the showrunner of Outlander?

Outlander cast celebrate World Outlander Day Diehard fans of the Starz series and Diana Gabaldon’s original novels were concerned by one of the show’s updates, but showrunner Matthew B Roberts has explained why there’s no cause for alarm.

Is Ron D Moore still involved with Outlander?

Who is producing Outlander?

Series Business: ‘Outlander’ Executive Producers Maril Davis and Matthew Roberts Share About Season Six. Senior content producer Michael Malone chats with Outlander executive producers Maril Davis and Matthew Roberts about season six, which will see Claire and Jamie in North Carolina as the Revolutionary War looms.