Who is Sarah Stewart married to?

Who is Sarah Stewart married to?

David Small. Writer Sarah Stewart and artist David Small, married more than 30 years, like to occasionally collaborate on books.

How old is Sara Stewart?

55 years (June 28, 1966)Sara Stewart / Age

Who plays Winifred black in Mr Selfridge?

Sara Stewart
Mr Selfridge (TV Series 2013–2016) – Sara Stewart as Winifred Bonfils Black – IMDb.

Did Sarah Stewart have kids?

PERSONAL: Married David Small (an illustrator); children: Ginny, Mark, L. D. Education: “Studied Latin and philosophy at an unfortunate number of colleges and universities.” ADDRESSES: Home—(summer) 25626 Simpson Road, Mendon, MI 49072; (winter) 17A Piedras Chinas, San Miguel de Allenda Gto. 37700, Mexico.

What did Sarah Stewart discover?

Stewart and Eddy were credited with discovering the first cancer causing, or Polyomavirus in 1953. [2]. Although it is controversial, despite the simultaneous work by Stewart and Eddy (SE Virus). Murine polyomavirus was credited as the first polyomavirus discovered by Ludwig Gross in 1953.

Which characters in Mr Selfridge are real?

The central character, Harry Selfridge, is clearly factual and did indeed live during the period in which the television series is set. He also had a mother called Lois, a wife called Rose and a number of children, so that’s a pretty good start.

What did Sarah Stewart research?

Sarah Elizabeth Stewart (August 16, 1905 – November 27, 1976) was a Mexican American researcher who pioneered the field of viral oncology research, and the first to show that cancer-causing viruses can spread from animal to animal.

Where did Sarah Stewart go to college?

New Mexico State University
27, 1976) was a Mexican-American researcher who pioneered the field of viral oncology research. She was born on August 16, 1905, in Tecalitlán, Jalisco, Mexico. [1] She did her undergraduate work at the New Mexico State University graduating with a Bachelors of Science in 1927.

What percent of cancers are caused by viruses?

An estimated 15 percent of all human cancers worldwide may be attributed to viruses [1], representing a significant portion of the global cancer burden. Both DNA and RNA viruses have been shown to be capable of causing cancer in humans.

Is Selfridges a true story?

Harry Gordon Selfridge, Sr. (11 January 1858 – 8 May 1947) was an American retail magnate who founded the London-based department store Selfridges. His 20-year leadership of Selfridges led to his becoming one of the most respected and wealthy retail magnates in the United Kingdom.

Is Selfridges still owned by the family?

Historic retailer Selfridges has been bought in a roughly £4 billion deal by a partnership of Thai and Austrian billionaires. The deal spells the end of almost 20 years of ownership for the luxury department store giant by the Weston family, following months of negotiations with its new buyers.