Who is the best heavy metal band?

Top 10 Best Metal Bands Of All Time

Who is the best heavy metal band?

Top 10 Best Metal Bands Of All Time

  • Slipknot.
  • Cannibal Corpse.
  • Megadeth.
  • Judas Priest.
  • Helloween.
  • Metallica.
  • Iron Maiden.
  • Black Sabbath.

What are the 4 biggest metal bands?

For over a decade, thrash metal fans have had a definitive – if debatable – list of the top four bands in the field: Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax.

Who is the biggest heavy metal band of all time?

But a new report has run the numbers of Metallica’s ticket sales and financial earnings since 1982, and it’s official: Metallica are the biggest metal band in the world, hands down. According to Pollstar, Metallica have sold approximately 22.1 million tickets since 1982, bringing in around $1.4 billion.

What is the number 1 metal band?

1. Metallica. Metallica fans love to complain.

Who is the heaviest band ever?

Top 10 Heaviest bands of all time

  • Motörhead. A classic hitter, super intense for the time and they definitely set the standard for other bands and influenced many after them.
  • Slayer.
  • Pantera.
  • Death.
  • Cannibal Corpse.
  • Lil Thrash.
  • Gorguts.
  • Skinless.

Who is king of heavy metal?

vocalist Blaze Bayley
The King of Metal is the sixth studio album by English heavy metal vocalist Blaze Bayley, released in 2012….

The King of Metal
Label Blaze Bayley
Producer Blaze Bayley
Blaze Bayley chronology
Promise and Terror (2010) The King of Metal (2012) Infinite Entanglement (2016)

What band started heavy metal?

Black Sabbath (1968) Black Sabbath are credited for creating heavy metal just as much, if not more, than Led Zeppelin, mostly due to the way they added a sinister spin on the heavy psychedelic music other bands were playing.

What is the loudest heavy metal song?

Loudest Metal Ever

  • Symphony Of DestructionMegadeth.
  • Super Charger HeavenWhite Zombie.
  • This CallingAll That Remains.
  • SadioWitchElectric Wizard.
  • IdentityAugust Burns Red.
  • Like Broken GlassCrowbar.
  • I Am The Black WizardsEmperor.
  • UnsungHelmet.

Which heavy metal band is best of all time?


  • Judas Priest
  • System of a Down
  • Alice in Chains
  • Guns N’ Roses
  • Black Label Society
  • W.A.S.P.
  • Stone Temple Pilots
  • The Cult
  • Meshuggah
  • Which are the most hated heavy metal bands?

    Nickelback. As expected,give it up for the Nickelback boys at No.

  • Limp Bizkit. Dan9418 nicely summed this one up: “It’s quality music wrapped up in a cheesy nu-metal package,but that’s why it’s great.”
  • Avenged Sevenfold.
  • Creed.
  • Oasis.
  • Metallica.
  • U2.
  • My Chemical Romance.
  • DragonForce.
  • KISS.
  • What is the best heavy metal group?

    Metallica’s rapid and aggressive pace has landed the band in the “Top Four” list, alongside Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer as the best heavy metal bands ever. Winning award after award, including their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the band has been ranked as the most successful metal heads of all time.

    What are your favourite heavy metal bands?

    heavyhandedDOOM · 6y My current top ten, in no particular order, are Between the Buried and Me, Mastodon, Periphery, Skyharbor, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pepper Keenan-era Corrosion of Conformity, Scale the Summit, Machine Head, and, aside from their last album, the Sword. My list changes all the time, though. 2 level 1 [deleted] · 6y