Who owned the Bucks in 2013?

Herb Kohl

Who owned the Bucks in 2013?

Herb Kohl

2013–14 Milwaukee Bucks season
Owners Herb Kohl
Arena Bradley Center
Record 15–67 (.183)

What year did the Bucks only win 15 games?

Although the Bucks stumbled into a playoff appearance in 2012–13 despite having a losing record, the team reached new depths the following season when it posted the worst record in the NBA and won a franchise-low 15 games.

Who was Bucks coach in 2013?

Larry Drew
Don Nelson was the head coach for the Milwaukee Bucks from 1976–1987. Terry Porter was the head coach of the Bucks for two seasons. Jason Kidd served as the Bucks head coach from 2014–2018….Coaches.

Name Larry Drew
Term 2013–2014
GC Regular season 82
W 15
L 67

Did the Bucks make the playoffs in 2014?

The Bucks finished the regular season 41–41, a 26 win improvement from their disappointing previous season, and clinched the sixth seed despite losing their top pick Jabari Parker to an injury early in the season. The Bucks’ season ended with a 2–4 first round playoff series loss to the Chicago Bulls.

Who are Bucks new owners?

“We are pleased that Wes Edens and Marc Lasry have been approved as the new owners of the Milwaukee Bucks,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

Where did Budenholzer come from?

A native of Holbrook, Arizona, Budenholzer attended Pomona College, where he was a four-year letterman in basketball and golf and was named the Outstanding Senior Athlete in 1993.

How old is Mike Budenholzer?

52 years (August 6, 1969)Mike Budenholzer / Age

What does Manuel do for Judge Miller?

Manuel is Judge Miller’s worker who kidnapped Buck, to pay for his gambling debt.

Who was sold with Buck?

When Buck is sold to Charles, Hal, and Mercedes, he finds himself in a camp that is dirty. They treat their dogs badly; they are artificial interlopers in the pristine landscape. Conversely, Buck’s next masters, John Thornton and his two companions, are described as “living close to the earth”.