Who owns Cajun Palms RV Resort?

What time does pool close at Cajun Palms?

Who owns Cajun Palms RV Resort?

Lee Venable
While at the bar we met the founders and owners of Cajun Palms, Lee Venable and his wife, Stephanie. They frequently take the opportunity to visit with their many guests, the wide-eyed newcomers as well as the seasoned and extremely loyal regulars.

Where are Cajun Palms?

Henderson, Louisiana
Discover exciting themed events and weekly live music! Conveniently located between Lafayette and Baton Rouge in Henderson, Louisiana, Cajun Palms RV Resort provides the perfect outdoor family vacation destination! With over 450 RV sites and 65 cabins, we can accommodate all of your camping (or glamping) needs.

What time does pool close at Cajun Palms?

A real disappointment, not because the weather was stormy later in day. It’s because the pool that closes at 10pm closed at 8.

Can you fish at Cajun Palms?

Cajun Palms is definitely a resort in the full sense of the word. Whether you enjoy lounging by the pool, taking your children to the waterpark or playground, playing putt-putt golf ($5.00 fee), playing beach or water volleyball, fishing, visiting with friends at the bar, or…

What makes up a Cajun person?

Cajun, descendant of Roman Catholic French Canadians whom the British, in the 18th century, drove from the captured French colony of Acadia (now Nova Scotia and adjacent areas) and who settled in the fertile bayou lands of southern Louisiana.

What exit is Cajun Palms?

Cajun Palms RV Resort – Exit 115 along I-10 in Louisiana | iExit Interstate Exit Guide.

What is the difference between a Creole and a Cajun?

As to the difference in the cuisines, Creole can be defined as “city cooking” with influences from Spain, Africa, Germany, Italy and the West Indies combined with native ingredients. Cajun cooking is more of a home cooked style that is rich with the ingredients at hand in the new world the Acadians settled into.

What is the difference between Cajun and Creole?

What is the difference between Cajun and Creole ethnicity?

Today, common understanding holds that Cajuns are white and Creoles are Black or mixed race; Creoles are from New Orleans, while Cajuns populate the rural parts of South Louisiana. In fact, the two cultures are far more related—historically, geographically, and genealogically—than most people realize.

Which is hotter Cajun or Creole?

While many who are unfamiliar with Louisiana’s food culture do use the terms Creole and Cajun interchangeably, there are differences between the cooking styles and seasoning preferences Of the two blends, Creole seasoning is known as the milder and more refined option. Cajun seasoning tends to be the hotter one.

Is Cajun palms a good RV park?

Comment on this review. The Takeaway: Cajun Palms Resort is a modern clean rv park with well maintained grounds and amenities not offered elsewhere, i.e. canopy covered sites. A disappointment is their on-site prepared food and features Hunt Brothers Pizza-a real disappointment.

Where are the best RV resorts in Louisiana?

🙂 Cajun Palms RV Resort, Henderson, LA is just a fun destination located on the western edge of the Atchafalaya Basin in St. Martin Parish. This rv resort has received national recognition as a best campsite.

How many sites are there at Cajun palms?

Cajun Palms is truly a resort with over 300 rv sites and 65 cabins, double & triple buddy sites plus a new section with covered sites. The entire park is designed around a pinwheel design with all amenities and lakes located in the center with rv sites emanating out and around; the coveted sites are around the pinwheel.

Why choose Cajun heritage RV park?

Whether you enjoy a tranquil kayak or canoe trip exploring our beautiful cypress swamps or dancing the Saturday night away to a local Cajun band…you will never forget your stay or the Cajun hospitality of Cajun Heritage R.V. Park!