Who owns Carlos O Kellys?

Who owns Carlos O Kellys?

Daryl Lowry has owned the Good Egg since he obtained a licensing agreement from a chain in Phoenix. Sasnak owns 20 Carlos O’Kelly’s locations and 25 Applebee’s restaurants.

What are Papas Okellys?

Re-fried beans is a given but we also tried the “Papas O’Kelly” which is mashed potatoes. with 3 or 4 cheeses.

Who founded Carlos O Kellys?

Darrel Rolph
1. Past: David and Darrel Rolph opened the very first Carlos O’Kelly’s in Marion, Iowa, in 1981.

Is Carlos O Kelly’s Irish?

From the name it would be reasonable to expect a menu divided along Mexican and Irish lines. Instead the fare at the 2-year-old Carlos O’Kelly’s, part of a 15-unit chain, is exclusively Mexican-American.