Who plays the mom in Good Luck Charlie?

Who plays the mom in Good Luck Charlie?

Leigh-Allyn Baker
Leigh-Allyn Baker (born March 13, 1972) is an American actress. She had recurring roles on Charmed and as Ellen on Will & Grace, and a starring role as the matriarch Amy Duncan on the Disney Channel sitcom Good Luck Charlie.

Was Good Luck Charlie a real family?

The main Duncan family consists of Bob, Amy, and their five children, PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie, and Toby Duncan. There is Linda Duncan, Mel Duncan, Frank Duncan, Stanley Duncan and Patrick John Duncan….

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Why was Good Luck Charlie Cancelled?

The real reason behind Good Luck Charlie’s ending was because of Disney Channel’s 65-episode ruleOpens in a new Window.. For those who don’t know, originally, the network had a rule set in place that after a show reached its benchmark 65th episode — no matter how strong the viewership — it would come to an end.

How old is Gabe Duncan?

His age has been a discrepancy in the show’s continuity. While it is known that all characters develop and age in the same time as the real world, Gabe has been referred as 10 and in third grade at the beginning of Season 1 (“The Curious Case of Mr.

Who is Gabe Duncan’s real mom?

Kimberly Perry
As a woman passes by, Gabe says, “she looks more like my mom than you [Amy] do” is Kimberly Perry, the real-life mother of Bradley Steven Perry, who plays Gabe.

When did Good Luck Charlie end?

February 16, 2014Good Luck Charlie / Final episode date
In June 2013, Disney Channel announced that the series would end its run after four seasons. The finale aired on February 16, 2014, with a one-hour episode.

How old is Bradley Perry?

23 years (November 23, 1998)Bradley Steven Perry / Age

Who is Bradley Steven Perry parents?

Kimberly PerryBradley Steven Perry / Parents

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