Who was Browns first wife?

Who was Browns first wife?

Loretta Brown

Cleveland Brown
Spouses Donna Tubbs-Brown Loretta Brown (ex-wife/deceased)
Children Cleveland Brown Jr. (son) Roberta Tubbs (stepdaughter) Rallo Tubbs (stepson)
Relatives Chet Brown (great-uncle) Madame Claude (cousin) Cecilia Brown (daughter-in-law)
Nationality American

What episode does Quagmire sleep with Loretta?

The Cleveland-Loretta Quagmire
Cleveland’s wife Loretta has an affair with Quagmire.

What happened to Cleveland’s other son?

Peter accidentally shoots Jr. in “A Shot in the Dark” when he mistakes him for a thief trying to break into the Brown home by climbing through a window as Cleveland discourages opening the door to the air conditioning out.

Who plays Brown’s wife?

Donna Tubbs Brown, voiced by Sanaa Lathan, is the second wife of Cleveland Brown who is 44-years old and works as the principal’s secretary at Stoolbend High School….

Donna Tubbs-Brown
Spouse Robert (divorced) Cleveland Brown
Children Roberta, Rallo

What episode is gone with the wind Family Guy?

family-guy-dead-characters-loretta Cause of Death: Distracted by a new episode of United States of Tara, Peter accidentally dropped a brontosaurus skeleton on Loretta’s house while she was taking a bath in “Gone With the Wind” (Season 1, Episode 17 of The Cleveland Show).

What happened to Cleveland and Loretta’s house on Family Guy?

Despite the amicable parting on Family Guy, The “Pilot” of The Cleveland Show showed Loretta as being spiteful towards Cleveland during their divorce, taking possession of their old house while leaving Jr. with him.

What episode does Loretta Quagmire die?

In ” The Cleveland Loretta Quagmire “, Loretta dumped Cleveland and left him. Loretta made her final appearance in the The Cleveland Show episode, ” Gone With the Wind “, when she died. She is voiced by Alex Borstein .

What happened to Little Loretta on the Cleveland Show?

Loretta now died in the The Cleveland Show episode, ” Gone with the Wind “. Peter was trying to lower a dinosaur skeleton into his house with a crane, but he saw on his watch, that the new episode of Mike and Molly was on.

How did Loretta die in Gone with the wind?

Loretta’s death occurred in “Gone With the Wind” when she was killed when Peter accidentally dropped a brontosaurus skeleton onto her house in a parody of the running gag where Peter causes Cleveland’s house to be destroyed and him falling onto the lawn in the bath tub, but this time, she fell out of the tub and broke her neck.