Who were all the barmaids in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street pub Rovers Return: All the barmaids past and…

Who were all the barmaids in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street pub Rovers Return: All the barmaids past and…

  1. Coronation Street Rovers Return barmaids: Annie Walker (Doris Speed)
  2. Concepta Riley (Doreen Keogh)
  3. Nona Willis (Barbara Ferris)
  4. Doreen Lostock (Angela Crow)
  5. Irma Odgen (Sandra Gough)
  6. Emily Bishop (Eileen Derbyshire)
  7. Lucille Hewitt (Jennifer Moss)

Who played Stella’s daughter in Coronation Street?

Michelle Collins
Sue Johnston is slap-happy to be back in Coronation Street after 30 years. Viewers will see the Royle Family star arrive on the street next Wednesday when her character, Gloria Price, jets into Weatherfield from Spain for a reunion with daughter Stella (Michelle Collins) and granddaughter Eva (Catherine Tyldesley).

Who is the new girl in the Rovers?

However, since troublemaking ventures, her backstory has been explored with her struggling with abandonment issues throughout her childhood and she has since developed a relationship with Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard). Daisy has been well received by viewers….

Daisy Midgeley
Home Rovers Return Inn

Who is the girl living in the pub in Coronation Street?

Daisy (played by Charlotte Jordan) made her first appearance on Coronation Street last week when she and her partner Lee (Oliver Devoti) rocked up at the Rovers Return as part of an impromptu visit to see Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews).

Who took over the Rovers Return from Bet Lynch?

Liz McDonald and Steve McDonald (2013–2015) Liz agrees to purchase 50% of The Rovers while Steve buys the remaining half with he and his girlfriend Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) holding the pub licence as Steve’s criminal record is now spent.

Who is Leanne Battersbys sister?

Eva Price
Eva Price is the younger half-sister of Leanne Battersby, on their mother Stella Price’s side. She was a resident of Coronation Street for seven years until her daughter, Susie, was born in 2018. Eva grew up being spoiled by her mother and believing that she was an only child.

Who played barmaid Gloria in Coronation Street?

Gloria Todd was a character in Coronation Street from 1985 to Ep 2887 – 30 Nov 1988. She was a barmaid at The Rovers Return. Gloria was played by Sue Jenkins.

Who is the new girl in Coronation St?

Coronation Street introduced new character Lydia Chambers tonight as Rebecca Ryan made her debut on the soap.

Who is the new woman in Coronation St?

Glamorous Linda is played by Blackpool-born actress, Jacqueline Leonard. And some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to notice that Jacqueline has appeared in a string of other TV shows too, including Eastenders. One fan wrote: “Corrie fans.. did you know that Linda played Joe Wicks’ mum in #Eastenders?..