Who wrote leave a tender moment alone?

Who wrote leave a tender moment alone?

Billy JoelLeave a Tender Moment Alone / ComposerWilliam Martin Joel is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and composer. Commonly nicknamed the “Piano Man” after his first single and signature song of the same name as well as the similarly named Wikipedia

What instrument leaves tender moment alone?

“Leave a Tender Moment Alone” is a song performed by Billy Joel and the fifth single from his album An Innocent Man. Toots Thielemans makes a guest appearance on harmonica….Leave a Tender Moment Alone.

“Leave a Tender Moment Alone”
B-side “This Night”
Released 1984
Length 3:56
Label Columbia

What is considered Billy Joel’s most popular song?

“Piano Man” Ask your average person to name the most famous Billy Joel song, and they’ll probably say “Piano Man.” After all, not only was it his first official single, but it also epitomizes the man himself.

What is the meaning of tender moment?

1 adj Someone or something that is tender expresses gentle and caring feelings.

What is Billy Joel’s signature song?

Piano Man
Joel’s first major hit and his signature song, “Piano Man” peaked at #25 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in April 1974. Following Joel’s breakthrough as a popular musician with the release of The Stranger, it became one of his most well-known songs.

What is the difference between tender and soft?

As adjectives the difference between soft and tender is that soft is easily giving way under pressure while tender is sensitive or painful to the touch.

How does a tender offer work?

A tender offer is a public bid for stockholders to sell their stock. Typically, a tender offer is commenced when the company making the offer – the bidder – places a summary advertisement, or “tombstone,” in a major national newspaper and the offer to purchase is printed and mailed to the target company’s stockholders.

Did Billy Joel fight in Vietnam?

Billy Joel did not fight in the Vietnam War. He thought about fleeing to Canada when the draft lottery came around, but he snagged a very high number and didn’t wind up getting called. “A lot of my friends did go,” he said.