Why ABB OPEX 4Q program?

Why ABB OPEX 4Q program?

ABB OPEX 4Q Program Introduction: Today every division and BU is looking for reducing cost of poor quality in the Business. The word variation by itself is called as mother of all quality problems. We need to create a culture of continuous improvement within ABB as well as sustain our year on year cost savings targets.

Why ABB pvs-100/120?

ABB expands its solar inverter portfolio with the PVS-100/120 inverter ABB’s PVS-100/120 range of cloud connected, three-phase string inverter solutions for cost efficient decentralized photovoltaic systems is available from today.

What is ABB I-Bus KNX intelligent building control?

ABB i-bus® KNX intelligent building control integrates the heating, air-conditioning and ventilation to a coherent and efficient climate control. Measured temperature values in the rooms are recorded and supplied to the heating and cooling control to generate the optimum temperature and air quality.

What is ABB ability™?

The addition of ABB Ability™ further enables the delivery of monitoring upgrades and top-flight asset management to protect the customers’ investment over the total life of the plant through scalability.