Why are there random lines in my Word document?

Why are there random lines in my Word document?

The line you’re seeing across the page is a paragraph border that Word has automatically inserted using AutoFormat. To get rid of it: Place your cursor into the paragraph immediately preceding the line.

How do I get rid of the GREY lines in Word?

To get rid of them, select the paragraph(s) and press ctrl+Q (but beware you would loose all paragraph formatting in your case the indent at the beginning of the paragraph), or select the paragraph(s) and go to the border button and choose no border. Was this reply helpful?

How do I get rid of automatic horizontal lines in Word?

How to Disable the Automatic Horizontal Line in Word

  1. On Windows, go to File > Options > Proofing.
  2. Select AutoCorrect Options (AutoCorrect on Mac).
  3. Pick AutoFormat As You Type at the top.
  4. Under Apply as you type, uncheck the box for Border lines.

How do I get rid of weird lines in Word?

Click the line, connector, or shape that you want to delete, and then press Delete. Tip: If you want to delete multiple lines or connectors, select the first line, press and hold Ctrl while you select the other lines, and then press Delete.

How do I get rid of random lines in Word?

You must remove the line by editing the paragraph that precedes it, which uses it as a border.

  1. Click the line to place the cursor on top of it.
  2. Click “Home” in the Word ribbon.
  3. Click the “Borders” icon in the ribbon’s Paragraph group to open a drop-down menu.
  4. Click “No Border” to remove the line.

How do I get rid of formatting lines in Word?

Clear formatting from text Select the text that you want to return to its default formatting. In Word: On the Edit menu, click Clear and then select Clear Formatting.

How do I get rid of tracked changes in Word?

Turn off Track Changes

  1. On the Review tab, go to Tracking.
  2. In the Track Changes drop-down list, select Off.

How do I get rid of vertical bars in Word?

On the Review tab, if the Track Changes button is turned on (showing a yellow-orange highlight), click it to turn it off. Then click the bottom half of the Accept button on the same tab, and click Accept All Changes in Document. That should make the bar disappear.

How do you use Eraser in Word?

You can erase table lines by using the “Eraser” button. To erase table lines in Word, click the table’s “Layout” contextual tab in the Ribbon. Then click the “Eraser” button in the “Draw” button group. After clicking this button, your mouse pointer turns into an eraser when you hold it over the document.

How do I turn off paragraph marks in Word?

Click the Home tab in the Ribbon. Click Show/Hide ¶ in the Paragraph group. Paragraph marks, tabs, spacing and manual page breaks will display but will not print. Click the same command to hide the paragraph marks and other nonprinting characters.

How do I get rid of red lines in Word?

All of the buttons you need are on the Review tab of the ribbon. If the Track Changes button is shaded like this, the tracking is turned on. Click the button to turn it off. That will stop the tracking of any changes you make later.