Why did Spain attack the Aztecs?

Why did Spain attack the Aztecs?

Cortés Travels to Tenochtitlan They hated the Aztecs because they had raided their cities for people to sacrifice to their gods. Montezuma II tried to keep Cortés from getting all the way to Tenochtitlan, but Cortés continued his march. He destroyed the Aztec religious city of Cholula along the way.

What advantages did the Spanish have over the Incas?

The advantage the Spanish had was that the Spanish had guns, better swords, and horses and the germs. The Incas would suspect an attack during the night but since the Spanish saw guards the Spanish planned to attack during the day, which has worked better then night attacks in the past.

Did the Incas use horses?

The Incas were not allowed to ride horses for centuries after the Spanish occupation began. When Native peoples acquired horses in Chile, Argentina, and the U.S. Great Plains, for example, they quickly became superior riders and used their horses to fight off the European invaders for years.

What advantages did horses provide the conquistadors?

Spanish conquistadors like de Soto were inheritors of some of the finest riding techniques in the whole of Eurasia. The jineta riding style, unique to Spanish cattle-ranchers, emphasized spontaneity, speed, balance in the saddle and maneuverability.

Why was writing such an advantage for the Spanish?

What advantages did the Spanish have over the Incas? Why was writing an advantage to the groups that had it? it was an advantage because they were able to share strategies and know how others had done it before, like the mayan conqueror who wrote his strategy that the inca conqueror read his strategy.

How did guns give the Spanish the advantage?

A great example of how guns played an advantage was the part it played in helping Spain conquer the mighty Inca empire. The Spanish army who didn’t have as many solider were equipped with another type of advantage. They had horses that they rode into battle which gave them a height advantage over their enemy.

Who brought the horses to America?

Hernán Cortés

Why did the Spanish convert the natives to Christianity?

The first would be to convert natives to Christianity. Aside from spiritual conquest through religious conversion, Spain hoped to pacify areas that held extractable natural resources such as iron, tin, copper, salt, silver, gold, hardwoods, tar and other such resources, which could then be exploited by investors.

What did the Aztecs call horses?

ORIGINAL QUESTION received from – and thanks to – J. Faust: What did the Aztecs (or their neighbors) call the Conquistadors? All I could find were Aztec accounts which simply called the Spanish soldiers “soldiers” and their horses “stags,” since horses were new to the Aztecs.

How did Spain defeat the Aztecs?

Spanish conquistadores commanded by Hernán Cortés allied with local tribes to conquer the Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlán. Cortés’s army besieged Tenochtitlán for 93 days, and a combination of superior weaponry and a devastating smallpox outbreak enabled the Spanish to conquer the city.

What did the Aztecs think of horses?

Horses were indeed regarded by the Aztecs as impressive and scary, but were described as being like enormous, noisy and sweaty deer rather than anything magical or divine. Note that many mesoamerican culturs thought ALL animals were to some extent godlike, or at least had some kind of connection to the divine.

Did the Spaniards have guns?

Spanish foot soldiers could use a variety of weapons. Many people incorrectly think that it was firearms that doomed the New World natives, but that’s not the case. Some Spanish soldiers used a harquebus, a sort of early musket.

What were the main roles played by missionaries in Spanish California?

The main goal of the California missions was to convert Native Americans into devoted Christians and Spanish citizens. Spain used mission work to influence the natives with cultural and religious instruction.