Why did they change the cast of Unforgettable?

Why did they change the cast of Unforgettable?

The three stars were not surprisingly instrumental in Unforgettable being revived and the show wouldn’t have gotten a second season without them. The supporting cast being replaced is part of what the producers are calling a “new creative direction” for the crime drama.

Who plays Danny in Unforgettable?

E.J. Bonilla
E.J. Bonilla and La La Anthony joins the cast as new detective Denny Padilla and new medical examiner Delinda Michaels.

Who plays Jo on Unforgettable?

Jane Curtin
Jane Curtin: Joanne Webster Jump to: Photos (11)

How old is Carrie Wells on Unforgettable?

Poppy is 48 years old as of 2020, she was born on 15 June 1972 in Sydney, Australia.

What happened to the original team on Unforgettable?

Three series regulars have been dropped from the revived CBS drama. Three actors have been dropped from the cast of CBS drama Unforgettable. The cop procedural – starring Poppy Montgomery – was axed in May, but the network later reversed its decision, picking the show up for a second season to air in 2013.

Where was the TV series Unforgettable filmed?

“Unforgettable” is one of the slew of new series filming in New York, and Montgomery believes the energy generated in the streets benefits the production. “New York just has this energy.

Who plays Al Burns girlfriend in Unforgettable?

Annie Parisse: Elaine Margulies Photos (1)

Who is Jonathan in Unforgettable?

Jay O. Sanders
“Unforgettable” The Comeback (TV Episode 2012) – Jay O. Sanders as Jonathan Hedstrom – IMDb.

Who plays Steve in Unforgettable?

Steve Cioffi, Jr. The son of a mob boss, who he was named after, who becomes romantically involved with Carrie Wells and a possible source of information from the streets. He almost broke up with Carrie in “Heartbreak”. He owns a restaurant in New York He is played by Jackson Hurst.

Who played Steve in Unforgettable?

Jackson Ryan Hurst
Jackson Ryan Hurst (born February 17, 1979) is an American actor….Television.

Year 2012
Title Unforgettable
Role Steve Cioffi Jr.
Notes 3 Episodes

Was Carrie married on Unforgettable?

Unforgettable is undergoing another casting change as it prepares to return, now on A&E, for its fourth season later this year. Skeet Ulrich (Jericho) will play Eddie Martin, the husband of Poppy Montgomery’s Carrie, TVGuide.com is reporting.

Who Does Carrie Wells marry?

The Jericho actor will play Eddie Martin, the husband of Poppy Montgomery’s Carrie, TVGuide reports. The role was first introduced in the finale of season three. Unforgettable was picked up for a fourth season by A&E after it was axed by CBS.