Why does my WhatsApp keep saying I may have new messages?

Why does my WhatsApp keep saying I may have new messages?

When the internet connectivity on your Android phone is poor or down WhatsApp may not be able to check for new messages in the background. In other words, it senses that you may have new messages but due to the current network conditions cannot ascertain that fact.

When WhatsApp say checking for new messages?

Originally Answered: Why I get notification showing “WhatsApp checking for new messages?” It is a request signal being sent to the server. Its mostly due to range issues(weak or cutting mobile data signal) as the message has to be retrieved from the whatsapp server.

Does WhatsApp send you email notifications?

WhatsApp has clearly stated in its official page, “We do not send you emails about chats, voice messages, payment, changes, photos, or videos. You will only receive an email from WhatsApp if you initiate a conversation with us via our dedicated email channels, such as one of our support channels.”

Why am I getting a message on WhatsApp you received a message but your version of WhatsApp does not support it?

You can easily update WhatsApp from your device’s app store. Please note, if you received a message that isn’t supported by your version of WhatsApp, you’ll need to update the app. We encourage you to always use the latest version of WhatsApp. Latest versions contain the newest features and bug fixes.

What are the new messages in WhatsApp?

The “Checking for new messages” is a WhatsApp notification that appears in your Android’s notification panel usually because you’re on a slow network. Often, the notification appears for a few seconds and disappears on its own.

How do you check WhatsApp messages?

All you have to do is place the cursor on the chat once you receive any message on WhatsApp Web. Users will then see a floating message. This way you won’t be required to open the chat to check the latest message on the web version.

Why am I getting email from WhatsApp?

The emails aim to trick people into downloading malware onto their computers. A WARNING HAS been issued about a new phishing attack that tricks people into downloading malware onto their computers from an email purporting to be from WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp linked to Gmail?

You will naturally have to connect your Gmail account associated with Drive to the WhatsApp account. WhatsApp already has the offline conversation backup feature but with the online conversation backup, your WhatsApp chats will show up in Google Drive whenever you take a backup while being connected.

Which version does WhatsApp support?

version 4.1
To use WhatsApp from today, you’ll need an Android phone running version 4.1 or later. Fortunately, as Android 4.1 was first released in July 2012, most phones already have a newer version than this.

How do I update WhatsApp Web?

Scroll to the side to select Social, then select WhatsApp. Press OK or SELECT > UPDATE.