Why is Maureen attracted to Pentecostalism?

Maureen is attracted to Pentecostalism because they treated her as one of their children.

Why is Maureen attracted to Pentecostalism?

Maureen is attracted to Pentecostalism because they treated her as one of their children.

How did Rex use Jeannette at the bar with Robbie?

It’s not long before Rex begs her for money, and she loans it to him every time. To pay her back, Rex takes Jeannette to a bar where he uses her as a distraction to beat Robbie in pool. Jeannette feels her father used her. When she confronts him he blows her off saying that she was not really in any harm.

Why does Rex make up a story about his illness?

Rex think that Brian is now on the police side which for him is the bad one and against him. when Brian was a child he was really protective of Jeannette. he makes up a story about his illness to make it more interesting like everything he ever said.

Why does teaching make Rose Mary hate her own mother?

While she’s there, she applies for a teaching job and is hired immediately. She hates it, because her own mother had forced her into the profession as a fallback job, which always makes her think her mother didn’t believe she had any artistic ability.

How does Rose Mary and the kids cope with Rex’s alcoholism?

Rose Mary’s Coping Mechanisms Rather than openly defy Rex and try to get him to stop drinking and wasting all of the family’s money, Rose Mary tries to find other means of escape. She is condemning her children for forgiving Rex, because she is upset with herself for forgiving him for so long.

Why does the Walls family move around so much?

At the beginning of the memoir when Jeannette’s parents are younger and filled with more energy and hope, the family would move “When he [Rex] got bored or was just fired or the unpaid bills piled up too high or the lineman from the electrical company found out he had hot-wired our trailer to the utility poles – or the …

What were Jeannette’s favorite rocks to find what did these rocks look like?

Jeannette starts a rock collection of various precious rocks and minerals which she discovers. A collection of garnets, granite, obsidian Mexican crazy lace and turquoise. But her favourite rock is the geode.

Why did Maureen stab her mother?

Six months later, Maureen stabs Mom when Mom tells her she has to leave, because it’s too crowded in the squatter’s apartment. Maureen cannot accept the fact that her own mother would kick her out in the streets, and she snaps.

How did Rose Mary react to her mother’s death?

She is just sad and lonely, and it infuriated her that her mom kicked her out instead of comforting her. It made her even more angry because the mom said that she should be self sufficient when the parents aren’t self sufficient themselves.

What happens to Jeannette when she first starts school in Blythe?

Her pink dress catches on fire, and she gets horribly burned. After a few days in the hospital, Dad shows up, lifts Jeannette out of bed and they do “the skedaddle,” leaving the hospital without paying the bill.

What causes the walls to leave Blythe?

What causes the Walls to leave Blythe? Jeanette’s father wanted to leave Blythe because he claimed it was getting a little too hot. He wanted to move to Battle Mountain to strike gold and become rich. What does the U-Haul scene show us about the Walls’ parenting?

How did the parents meet in the glass castle?

Jeannette’s parents met in the desert years ago when Dad was still in the Air Force. They met while diving off a cliff into a lake forty feet below, both mesmerized by the other’s tenacity. In addition to their living children, they also lost a nine-month-old daughter after Lori was born but before Jeannette’s birth.

Why do the parents reject welfare or charity in the glass castle?

10. Why do the parents reject welfare or charity? They believe they don’t need help and can fend for themselves.

What does the mountain goat symbolize in the glass castle?

Mountain goat is a term of endearment for Jeannette coined by her father. The mountain goat symbolizes Jeannette’s ability to scale mountains, literally and figuratively, successfully.

What was Jeannette doing when she caught fire?

As a precocious three-year-old, Jeannette often cooked herself hot dogs on the stovetop. One day while doing so, the gas flame catches on her dress and fire zips up her torso. Terrified, she calls for help and Mom dashes to her, wraps her in a blanket, and a neighbor drives them to the hospital.